Dr. Vikash Sethi is a very experienced and qualified Company Secretary with Doctorate and Post Graduate in Commerce and practicing Vastu profession since 20 years. He countinues his practice in Vastu to make the essential effort of its valuable services to the people across the globe with a vision to spread awareness against myths and superstition. Dr. Sethi introduced the Vastu with precise logic and got great response from all over the country and abroad. His concept of Vastu healing seldom involves any major demolition or changes. He uses diverse scientific instruments and gadgets to diagnose the Vastu problems and rectify it. He has served number of Corporate Houses, Government buildings, Politicians and firms etc. His clients are fully satisfied with his approach of Vastu treatments. Besides Vastu, Dr. Sethi is an expert in pendulum dowsing which is an art of divining. With pendulum and other dowsing tools, he can rectify Vastu faults and other problems of life related to health, relationship problems, wealth issues and prosperity matters and also suggest best remedies.