Direction is the most important part of Vastu. Without knowing proper Direction, one cannot proceed to check his/her Vastu. In order to know proper Direction, Magnetic Compass is used which is easily available in the market. But the quality of compass must be checked before buying the same as cheap and bad quality of compass gets diverted in places where there is heavy EMF or presence of Steel and Iron.

Due to this, it may show you the wrong direction thus making all your Vastu assessment wrong. Now days, lots of Android Mobile Apps are also available for Compasses. One may also use that. But for one who doesn’t have any of the above and it is an emergency to know the direction, he may follow this:- Ask the local person about the direction of sunrise in that place. Then stand facing the Sunrise direction. Your Face is East, Right Hand is South, Left Hand is North and Your back side is West. Though it is almost correct but tries to avoid such practice and have a good quality of Compass.

As we all know, directions are four i.e. North, East, South and West. But for Vastu, there is Nine Directions i.e. – North, East, South, West, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West and the Center ( Brhamsthana) .