The word “Dowsing” is derived from the Greek word denude means to declare. It means a way of searching anything with an intention of what is desired and getting confirmation or non-confirmation through the body using an instrument. It is a form of psychic ability to see at any time what is happening elsewhere. Just like a person who can see at most to his surrounding what is happening. But if he goes to first floor, he can see more distance. As he goes on he can see more distance. Likewise, dowsing is an art where one can see as far as he wishes if he concentrate on his super conscious mind. Dowsing is also referred as divining which is derived from the word divinus. It is a spiritual practice and the success or the outcome of the divining depends on the divine state of mind.

Dowsing is very old science and is in existence since 6000 BC where human-like figure is seen holding forked or Y type stick to search for water. A Chinese king, YU, in 2000 BC was a good dowser who travelled all over the world to demonstrate his talent. Even in the Bible, there is mention of Dowsing. Dowsing in old days was used mainly for searching water. But these days dowsing is used for lot of other purposes. It was after World War II that dowsing received renewed attention because one could search for lost items, oil reserves, metal ores, missing persons, criminals and even locations of airplane crash sites.
Dowsing or divining is one of the oldest sciences being rediscovered and holds promise for at least the next many decades. It is one of the most puzzling and interesting techniques which can get you hooked or even addicted to. While dowsing we use an external tool like Pendulum, Aura meter, L-Rods, Wand, Aura Scanner, Lecher Antenna etc. These instruments are directly connected to our intuitive mind and it moves on its own without any physical effort on our part to give answers from our unconscious mind. In simple words, dowsing is an art of finding answers to your questions related to present or past only. Whatever is going on anywhere and is unknown to you can be known with dowsing. What is best for you and suits you can be judged by dowsing.
We have three types of mind:-

  1. Conscious mind
  2. Subconscious mind
  3. Unconscious or Super conscious mind.

The conscious mind is our natural brain or says the left side of the brain that is fed with enough information from childhood to be analytical and linear in all our approaches. The bad news is that it is only 7% of the total mind. All our earthly knowledge perceived by the five senses is stored in this mind. The subconscious mind is the mind with submerged consciousness that is contributed by the right side of the brain. It is non-rotational, non-linear and carries memories of our past lives. The unconscious or super conscious mind is 55% of the mind capacity. This mind is connected to higher dimensions in a mysterious way wherein the entire universal knowledge is accessible provided one raises his consciousness to that level either through training or spiritual growth. This mind is connected to our intuition or the sixth sense that always does things for our good.

 How dowsing work?
Many theories have been applied to explain dowsing by using scientific theories and well known scientific principles. Some of them are:-

  1. Radar Principle:- A radar sends a signal to the object which is deflected and sensed again by it to give the distance. Similarly, while dowsing for anyone, the pendulum sends the signal to particular person and get back the information about future because the information is not in existence.
  2. Atamic or Solar Force:- according to the Hindu theory there is an atamic force behind the movement of the pendulum or our higher self might be guiding the pendulum and according to the occult science our guides might be giving physical answers to our question.
  3. Tow particles:- Electron and positron i.e. matter and anti-matter when collided created two photons which sped off in two different directions. Photon A did not possess spin or velocity till it was noted by the observer that it can act both like a wave or a particle. When observed, it starts spinning and photon B also does the reverse of spinning in the opposite direction regardless of the distance and no connection whatsoever. Photon B instantly knows what A is doing. This explains the theory behind dowsing.

Everything in this universe either release or receive energy. Energy can never be destroyed. It can change form one form to another. Thus any information in this universe is in the form of energy and available in the space. One has only to make tuning with that energy and then he/she can easily know about that thing.

Use of Dowsing

  • Compatibility for marriage can be checked.
  • Best treatment can be decided.
  • Health guidance can be known.
  • Water can be found.
  • One can choose better partner for business.
  • Quality and loyalty of employee can be checked.
  • Lost things can be found.
  • Most suitable school for your kids can be checked.
  • Most suitable school for your kids can be checked.
  • Best course can be decided.
  • Gem and stone suitability can be checked.
  • Vastu can be checked and its rectification can be known.
  • Most appropriate candidate for the job can be selected.
  • Loyalty of friends can be checked.
  • Only one thing cannot be checked i.e. future prediction. Anything to be  happened in future does not have energy in the present and so, it can never be  predicted with accuracy.

Instruments for dowsing
There are several types of instruments used in dowsing these days. But most common and popular is pendulum. Pendulum is the oldest mode for dowsing. But control and disturbance affects the result. To overcome this, so many other instruments were developed. Some of them are:-



Aura Scanner