With dowsing querying system, we can answer your questions related to suitability of Career, Job, Life partner, Marriage, Deals etc.

 Here you, may ask us questions like:-

  1. Is particular person suitable?
  2. Is particular person loyal?
  3. Is your selected career suitable for you?
  4. Loyalty of partner
  5. Suitability of business
  6. Is the rate of deal ok?
  7. Is someone telling lie?
  8. Should you take particular decision?
  9. Selection of real estate.
  10. Checking the abilities of a person.

You may ask several question of the nature mentioned above. Remember, we never predict future and can suggest you about present only i.e. what is going behind you and is not known to you.

For this, you need to give your date of birth, place of birth, parents name. If date of birth is not known, you have to send us your recent colored photograph.

Charges: – Single query is free. After that Rs.250/- per query is charged.

Note:- Dowsing is based on spiritual science. Hence, we take no guarantee for any results happening due to its calculations.