What is Geopathic Stress

The word Geopathic is derived from the Greek words Geo meaning Earth and Pathic meaning disease or suffering. So it means suffering of earth. Geopathic Stress also known as negative energies or harmful earth vibrations can cause discomfort and health problems to one who live above them. These zones are purely natural and we are not in danger if we live in this zone for short period. But the problem may arise when we live continuously in this zone. In other words, when our home, office, work place etc. are having such zones, we may face problem. Geopathic lines are produced due to irregularity in energy lines inside the Earth. These lines can be present in your house, office, work place or anywhere. These lines may drain your energy thus making you seek. According to WHO, around 30-40% of the World’s houses are sick. So, Geopathic stress can harm you in serious way.

Geopathic stress occurs when the Earth EMF (Electromagnetic Forces) becomes distorted. Geopathic stress has been found to be the most common reason in many severe health problems and mental disorders. The major risk lies in increase chances of cancer. Though cancer is not the direct result of Geopathic stress but it weakens the immune system to fight with cancer. Geopathic stress lines have also caused cardiovascular problems. Though many details can be given here about Geopathic Stress but it is enough for us to understand what it is and how it can affect us. Vastu is all about arrangement and placement of areas in the premises. This is a myth that following Vastu by designing the place is sufficient. Vastu is the study of complete unit including land. If land is negative and Vastu of building is correct then still one may face problems. So when we talk about Vastu, it should be seen along with the land. The energy associated with land affects a lot. Geopathic stress is one of them. This is a negative energy which, if present in any land, creates lots of problems. So, it is always better to check the plot before purchasing it or before starting any construction. However, if it is already constructed, one may still find solutions. Geopathic stress can be diagnosed with advanced gadgets by an Expert. You may also contact us for this.

  Symptoms of Geopathic Stress

If you are curious to know whether your house has Geopathic stress, you may find it by certain symptoms that may persist in your house;-

  1. Long time to fall asleep.
  2. Wake up during night especially between 2-3 am.
  3. Feeling tired in morning, not well rested.
  4. Children restless sleep.
  5. Children  nightmare.
  6. Baby crying for no reason.
  7. Suicidal tendency.
  8. Chronic health issues to family members.
  9. Any plant, trees having abnormal growing pattern.
  10. Abnormal blood pressure, joint pains etc.
  11. Mental disorders, depression etc.