A plant not only provides a pleasant environment but also a relaxing view and hence they have a special position in Vastu shastra. Many shastra like GARUN PURAN, RUP MANDAL and many more states the importance of plants and tree in our life. A healthy plant not only effect us physically but emotionally too. One should be careful while designing your garden, Vastu have some suggestions you can implement in your life to make it easy and prosperous.

  • Trees and Plants should be planted in such a position so that the shadow of it doesnot falls on the building especially fro 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • Long and tall trees should always be planted in South and West direction of the house.
  • Avoid thorny trees and plants.
  • Avoid plants and trees having milk.
  • Trees should never be planted in such a position that it comes in line to the main door.
  • Good trees are –Pomegranate Tree(Anar), Dalchini, Ashok, Aparajita,Chameli, Neem, Guvava, Basil etc.
  • Bad or Prohibitre trees- Ber, Babool, Pipal, Akolh, Katari, Papaya, Mahua, Jamun, Mango, Kadamb, Banana etc.
  • Tulsi (Basil) is very auspicious. It may be planted anywhere. Northeast is best place for it.