Colors should always be selected as per Vastu. However in some cases particular color may not suit some of the family member. So, proper care should be taken while selecting the colors of the house. In general, following colors may be used in different areas:-

  • North East :- Light blue Color is good for this direction as this color is associated with coolness and water.
  • East:- White or/and light blue color should be used in East direction.
  • South East:- As South East is associated with fire, orange and silver color may be used to enhance the energy level.
  • North:- Green color is good to be used in this direction as it brings harmony and hopes. It is also good for study.
  • North West:- This area is related to air. So white color should be used here.
  • West:- West is the place of  Varun in Hindu mythology and also associated to water. So, blue color should be used in this area.
  • South West; – This area is associated with the owner. So green and peasch or muddy color is good for this area.
  • South:- South is the area for development and decision making. Red and yellow color is good for this area.