The word VASTU came from the Hindi word means OBJECT. Every object in this universe living or non living has the tendency either to receive energy or release energy. The object which receives energy makes the field negative and the object which release energy makes the field positive. We have heard from many sources that there is positive energy and negative energy which has deep impact in our lives. But that is not the case. Energy is only one and there is no positive or negative energy. The object (living and non living), structure, person etc. everything in this universe either suck or release energy. So when anything has a tendency to suck the energy from its surrounding, it makes that field negative and when anything release energy, it makes the area positive. So when we are in negative field, we feel down, depressed, unsuccessful etc and when we are in positive field, we become prosperous, happy, successful and healthy. So, just like Darkness and Light, there is nothing called Darkness. This is only the absence of light. Same is the case in energy. There is nothing like positive or negative energy. Presence of ample energy makes the area positive and absence of sufficient energy makes the area negative.

  1. Now what is energy in case of Vastu/Health etc?
  • Gravitational Energy
  • Biological Energy
  • Cosmic Energy
  1. The combination of all three makes the Vastu Energy. The Vastu Energy of any place depends on following basic criteria:-
  • The quality of land
  • Shape of land
  1. Placement of different areas
  • Main gate
  • Water placement
  • Fire Placement
  • God Place
  • Wastage Placement
  • Many other areas

There are many other factors which affect the flow of energy into any area. As discussed above, it is the presence of energy which makes the area positive or negative. As we are aware that the earth spins around its North South axis and is also tilted from the axis towards North. This makes the North-East very important. The energy is received at this point in abundance. The energy is basically directed towards the South-West which lies on the same axis in the opposite direction. If we consider North-East as a positive terminal then the South-west acts as a negative terminal and the flow is from North-East to South-West. For reasons which are not clear, the energy does not reach the South-West o a straight line. One-half of this energy appears to flow from North-East to South-East and other al from North-East to North-West and then from North-West and South-East to south-West over the periphery of the earth surface. When a four sided compound wall is erected on any plot, this is the path the energy field takes.

It also appears that the North-East works like an antenna and receives this energy. In a compounded plot, a depression increases the amount of energy received and the energy field in this plot is strong. This is the reason why this section is called God Place or Devamoola. A water body like a sump or open well further increases the strength of energy received. Another feature which is observed is that energy rays raises towards the South-East and North-West and if the plot is a square, the energy density at the South-East and North-West corner is the same. From these corners it again raises to reach the South-West corner. A higher South-West thus helps to receive the maximum amount of energy. If we apply the thermal concept, it appears that from the cold water which will be around the atmospheric temperature, the energy flow appears to be smooth if a raising temperature is maintained on the east line up to Southeast. The centre of East shows the human body temperature which is around 38 degree Celsius. The temperature on the negative half of East is the bathing water point and the Southeast is the hottest point with boiling and steaming water indicated to make energy flow smoother

Ancient Vastu

Vastu Shashtra is a very old Indian science of Architecture. Ancient Indian sages and rishis created Vastu Shashtra for the welfare of the entire humanity. Its knowledge enables us to get benefits of mental peace, health, wealth etc. and make our life happy. This science, after propounding the rules of construction, goes to prove that by constructing properly our buildings, villages, towns, cities, shops, offices, factories, and industries, we can make ourselves prosperous.


There are three forces in action to create harmony, namely wind, water and fire. If these forces are kept in their appropriate place then there will be no disturbance. But if water is put in place of fire and wind in place of water or any other combination the forces will act accordingly and create disharmony. Vastu shashtra agrees with astrology that our destiny is influenced by nine planets and as such every home is also under their influence .As per astrology each direction is assigned a particular planet and only those objects which are in harmony with that planet should be placed there .Keeping in mind these principles, various effects on our destiny can be determined and rectified.

Five Elements

Vastu is composite whole of proportional blend of five elements viz Earth, Water, Sky, Air and Heat(Fire). Their equitable proportion creates Bio-Electric Magnetic energy which bestows health, wealth, and prosperity on man.

How does it works?

As we know the sun rises from the East. The morning sunrays enter every nook and corner of the house so that the solar energy is utilised in the form of Vitamin D for the benefit of housemates as it directly affects our body, through its rays. Similarly sunrays in the noon carry radioactivity which spells adverse effects on the body. So, the house orientation, while constructing a house, should be planned in such a way that the afternoon sunrays cast minimal (adverse) effects on the house and body. While constructing a house in the South-West direction, the main reason for keeping proportionally a low plinth in the East and North is that morning sunrays are replete with Vitamin . According its requirement, our body receives Vitamin D through the blood cells.

The main reason behind keeping plinth higher in South-West side, construction of thick wall, stairs, laying heavy machinery, material and store is that an angular position is made by the sun on earth when it orbits round the sun in the South direction. Therefore, by keeping more weight in the said direction, a suitable balance is maintained and protection from solar heat can be had. During summer it remains cool and during winter it is hot which one can easily experience. The reason for keeping kitchen in South-East direction is that morning sun rays, rich in Vitamins, travels to the South. As the earth orbits round the sun from South-East side, the side derives optimum benefit from sun rays which are rich in Vitamins and  for more time and thus the kitchenware and eatables remain pure for longer period. In addition to it, the moisture in Western wall is also eliminated due to heat of the sun.

The reason for keeping the place of worship in the North-East is that, when we worships wearing scent clothes, our body should benefit from natural Vitamins which the morning sunrays carries in plenty and also the magnetic energy from the northern side also has salutary and pious effects on the body. Due to effect of magnetic field on earth, it is advised to keep head towards South as the magnetic beams travel from North to South. Similarly, the magnetic field lies from head to feet of a man, that is why head is called UTTARAYAN and feet DAKHSHINAYAN. If head is kept on the North, then magnetic effect won be there, because North pole of earth will repel man North pole and thus, wont admit magnetic effect as a result of which blood circulation in the body won be able to derive mileage(requisite and favourable), causing tension in mind and peaceful sleep. Magnetic circuit will get completed by keeping the head in south and feet in the North, sound sleep will be induced and there will be no any hindrance.

Magnetic waves move from North to South. So, business matters should be discussed facing North due to the reason that magnetic energy emanating from the North will activate our brain cells quickly and the oxygen so received fortifies and enhances our memory when brain cells couple with natural energy power our re collective and suggestive memory gets a boost and ability. That why business discussions are of more importance in this direction. If a man sits facing North, he should keep the cheque on the right side. In addition to the above effects, there are host of invisible power and energies which can be felt after lapse of much time. This is natural energy (Aura) because in a living being there exists particular magnetic field all around. Such a particular field is known as Bio- Electric field which ensures unhindered continuity of manmagnetic field. The former being of twenty types but for human body four elements (B.E.M.S) are considered to be more useful. This is the sole reason for according such importance to five elements ( Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air) in Vastu Science.


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