The word Pyramid comes from Greek “Pyra” means Fire and “Mid” means Center. So, the word means a type of energy that is liberated at the center inside a Pyramid. Most of us have heard about Pyramid and the famous one is in Giza which is the only surviving wonder of the world. The studies on Pyramids to unravel its mysteries are still a continuing debate.

The Pyramid is a four sided object of all four faces being isosceles triangle and the base formed by the four triangles a perfect square. There are lots of questions to be answered about Pyramid’s mysteries.

Energy field :

The creation of universe, stars, planets, sun etc was possible due to a big explosion known as Big Bang. Upon this Big Bang theory, different studies were made to unrevealed the mysteries of universe. From his explosion, the first gaseous form was created. This gaseous mass came the stars, planets, asteroids, comets etc. Galaxies were formed each containing several million stars. Several million such galaxies exist. Every star continuously releases energy in the form of radiations. These radiations, along with heat and light also release cosmic rays, radioactive radiation like alpha, beta and gamma rays etc. so, we may conclude that we are surrounded by various star systems which releases energy. Sun is the main source of energy and also gives Cosmic Radiation. So, we are living in the world where our body is exposed to numerous kinds of energies like heat, light, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, radioactive rays etc. among these energies some are essential for us and some are not.

Any place needs energy and the lack of energy may tend to prove harmful. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be transformed from one form to another. So, our home, office, industry etc. should have proper level of essential energy failing which we may face problems associated with health, finance, prosperity etc. Bio energy is the essential energy which should be present in our premises. But how can we calculate such energy? What quantity is needed and how to compensate the lacking energy? Answer to all this question is Pyramid. Pyramid has got the ample power to compensate lacking energy. Measurement can be done by a Vastu Expert with a device called Energy Meter.

Though the origin of Pyramid is somewhere else, it has deep relation with India. The size and proportion used to construct a Pyramid is exactly similar to those used in constructing any dome of temples in India. You can see all famous old temples are having dome shape. The reason behind this is the calculation while building it. The size and proportion of this domes are identical to Pyramid. The reason behind this is Energy. It is believed that the particular angle, size and proportion have the tendency to generate maximum energy within and around itself. It has the capacity to transform negative field into positive. Any energy can transform from one form to another but for this transformation, a transformer or generator is required. In case of bio energy, Pyramid acts as a generator. Pyramid has got the power to transform the incoming negative energy into positive one. It can even create an energy field in its surroundings. Lots of examples have shown this power of pyramid. Vegetables kept under pyramid remains fresh for longer time than usual. Medicines kept under it have minimum side effects. Meditation under pyramid has shown tremendous benefits. Pyramid can be used in the correction of several Vastu faults.

For example, if the level of Northeast is higher than Southwest, you may face severe financial problems. If correction through natural process is not possible, pyramid can be of great use. In such case, appropriate energy can be created using adequate pyramid in proper place. If the plot is cut from any side, and correction through traditional method is not possible, pyramid can be installed in such cases to rectify the faults. Pyramid can create virtual boundaries and thus help in such cases.

Let us see some illustrative list what a Pyramid can do:-

  1. It can create Virtual walls i.e. an imaginary wall which cannot be seen but works like a wall. This is useful where the shape of the plots has to be corrected without sacrificing any area.
  2. Pyramid can create virtual energy. If the slope of any plot is not correct and it is not possible to correct it traditionally, pyramid is very helpful in such cases. Appropriate number of Pyramid should be installed in right place to create energy.
  3. Pyramid can be used in balancing the energy level of complete property.
  4. It can be used to rectify the bore well in wrong place.
  5. It can be used to rectify the location of overhead water tank without moving it.
  6. It can be used to bring harmony in relationships especially among couples.
  7. It can be used in automobiles for better performance.
  8. Pyramid is very helpful in enhancing performance in job, business etc.
  9. It can be used for better results in studies and career.
  10. It can be used for business growth.
  11. It can be used in financial growth.
  12. Pyramid is very useful in healing many health problems.
  13. It can be used to enhance memory power.
  14. Pyramid can be customized to be used anywhere.

There are different types of pyramid manufactured with different material. The size and material of Pyramid decides the energy creation capacity. Pyramids should be used with prior advice of an expert as it could have negative impact also if not installed properly.

The use of Pyramid in Vastu is now very popular and there are different patterns of Pyramid available in the market. But these products are of no use as they are not energized and programmed. If you have a laptop or desktop and no software is installed in it then will you be able to run any program on it? No. Any computer needs command and programming to run. Similarly Pyramid can be made easily but it is useless unless it is programmed. Programming in Pyramid is done by keeping it in highly energized Pyramid field for fixed duration. The level of energy put into pyramid is different for different purposes. So, using any Vastu product without any knowledge is useless.