Most of the people think why to follow Vastu. If they are told about its theory they won’t understand its applicability. To better understand the situation, one should check following conditions when he/ she should consult a Vastu Expert or get Vastu information:-

  1. When continuous health problems persist among the family member.
  2. When there is financial crisis.
  3. When some black magic is felt to be present.
  4. When result is not satisfactory after hard work.
  5. When cash is not stable i.e. expenses are more than the income.
  6. When there is not healthy relationship between husband and wife.
  7. When relationship among family members is not good.
  8. Education of the children is not satisfactory.
  9. When career is not getting settled.
  10. When job search is getting no results.
  11. When there is mental distress, depression.
  12. When there are specific health problems.
  13. When there is issue problem (child).
  14. When there are litigation and court cases.
  15. When sudden accidents are taking place on regular basis.
  16. Love affair of children and going against family.
  17. These and other problems when there is no reason found for the problem but problem is getting worse.
  18. When sales are down but the market is good.
  19. When output is low.
  20. When employee/ staff/ labor problem is on continuous basis.
  21. Regular break down of Plant and Machineries.
  22. Theft in the store.
  23. Quality of production is down.
  24. When there is low customer satisfaction.
  25. When there is heavy financial crisis.
  26. When there are litigation and court cases.
  27. When the business is running in loss without any known reasons.