How Vastu faults may stall your new building projects

Impact of Vastu is now felt by majority of people. Vastu impact our life to a great extent. Success and failures are often seen as a consequence of Vastu faults. In past two decades, experts are doing research on the basis of case studies and now it can be said,atleast on the basis of feedback of people,that Vastu defenetly has impact.

In this article, we are covering the Vastu faults that may stall the work of the new building projects. We often see buildings and projects which are under construction since long time, but it cannot get completed. The work remains  halted for many years and people are unable to figure out the reason behind it. Based on our 20 years research in similar kind of properties, we have summed up some common reasons for such failures, as discussed below:-

Impact of Shape of the Plot

Shape of the plot on which the building is being constructed, is very important. If the shape is not as per Vastu, it may lead to several problems. The plot with round, circle, triangular, irregular shape has negative energy and is not good for building. For more details on shape of the plot pls visit the link

Impact of Facing of the plot

Facing of the plot is second important factor. If the facing is East, North, North-East, West, North-West, then its ok. But the South facing plot may cause lot of problems. South-West facing plot should altogether be avoided as it may always lead to failure.

Impact of Shape of the building

After plot, its the shape of the building which matters. Though Vastu inside the building has to be ok, the shape of the building is equally important.

 If North-East of the building is cut, rounded, oval etc. It will give negative result i.e. complete failure of he project, cash crunch to the owner or any other consequences.

If South-West of the building is Cut, Extended, Round or oval, it leads to sudden break in the work.

Similarly, other sides, slope of the plot, color and many other factors are responsible for the failure of the project.

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