Vastu for South Facing Property

South facing issues are common in Vastu. Vastu is based on direction and each direction has its importance. When we plan our place as per Vastu, the first thing we look at, is the direction. Though every direction is important but the facing of a property should be in accordance with Vastu. Normally East face is supposed to be the best. North and West is also considered to be good but South direction is supposed to be negative. But this thought is not completely correct. If all South facing properties were negative then there would have been no construction in South face. Yes, no doubt South face is the weakest point in Vastu but, its negativity can be minimized if Vastu is followed properly . Earth balances all the nature through its magnetic energy. The energy starts from North and ends at South. So, South is at the receiving end. If South direction is properly managed, its ill effects can be minimized up to a great extent. Following are some points to be considered in a South facing property:-

  1. In a South facing property, entry should be made in 4th pada i.e., if you divide south in nine parts then the fourth part from east side is called 4th pada.
  2. Never make entry in South West or 5th to 9th pada as it brings lot of problems related to health, finance, relationship etc.
  3.  Color of the gate in South should be yellow.
  4. Never make any pit or septic tank etc. in South direction
  5. Never ever make any bore well or pond in South.
  6. Never leave South vacant in comparison to East and North direction.
  7. Stair in South part is good.
  8. Road ending to the plot facing South is not good.
  9. Level of floor in South should be higher than those in East and North.
  10. The height in South West should be maximum.
  11. South West should neither be extended nor cut. Both have ill effects.

There are many other factors effecting South facing property.

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