Which Direction Should You Sleep?

Every other person who is concerned for Vastu, is confused how to sleep. People usually sleep for 7-9 hrs a day. Sound sleep is the key to good health. If you are unable to have a sound sleep, you may find yourself to be in deep trouble. Vastu science suggests certain direction which is good for sleep. For people of the age above 50 years, it is better to sleep keeping head in South direction. People below 50 years of age should prefer to sleep keeping head in East. Try to avoid keeping your head in North while sleeping. West direction is not suggested for long term. People often confuse that they should sleep heading West so that they may face East while they get up. This is a misconception. Always keep your head in East. The best direction for room to sleep is South-West for owner and North-East for kids. For young children, North-West is best for daughter and South/West is best for son.
There should not be any kind of reflection of your body. While sleeping, no overhead beam, cellar or gate should fall in front of the bed.

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