Role of Vastu in Job Promotion

Everyone wants to grow in their career. People of same qualification and talent may not achieve same success. The reason behind this may be Vastu of his house, place of work etc. Let us see what the role of Vastu in ob promotion is.

  • The first and the most important place is his house. If the Vastu of their house are not supporting, they may find it difficult to excel in their career.
  • The room should be in South-West.
  • If nature of the job is of sales, travel etc. then the room should be in North-West.
  • The entry of the house should be from North-West, North-East, East or North.
  • There should not be any cut in the house especially in South-East.
  • The Kitchen should be in South-East.
  • The sitting position in the office should be towards North-West area.
  • One should sit facing North or East.
  • The table should not be oval, circular or hexagonal. It should be rectangular.
  • If you are expecting promotion then try to sleep in North-West room of the house.
  • There are some other aspects also which should be to ensure the favour of Vastu for your growth.

The impact of Vastu should never be overseen and a little care by you can make a difference

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