Vastu: How to use mirror for positive energy

Vastu is managed by proper placement of different areas as per directions. If there is any Vastu fault, it is generally rectified by demolition and new construction which is a costly and time taking affair. Do you know mirror also plays a vital role in Vastu of any place?

Shape and placement of mirror is a crucial factor in Vastu. Most of the people are not aware of this fact. A wrong placement of mirror can reverse your Vastu. Let us discuss some aspects of mirror in Vastu:-

  • Mirror with round, oval, triangular shape is not good for Vastu as it distort the energy pattern inside the premises.
  • Only rectangular or square shaped mirrors are recommended to be used.
  • Mirror should always be used on North or East wall.
  • Mirror on South and West wall leads to reflection of essential energy causing health issues, high temper etc.
  • Mirror should be so used that it should not reflect the bed.
  • Two mirrors should never face each other.
  • Mirror in front of main entrance should be avoided.
  • Mirror should be hanged 2-3 feet above the ground level.
  • Mirror should never face cash almirah. However, some experts have different view on this. In few cases placing mirror in front of almirah can be good but it depends on the surroundings, position of almirah etc. So take an expert’s view before such placements.
  • One should never face a mirror directly while sitting, sleeping, studying etc.
  • Concave or convex mirrors are suggested by some Vastu Consultant. It should never be used inside the house.
  • Broken mirrors should never be kept in the house.
  • Mirrors can be used for Vastu correction but with great care and knowledge.
  • So, one should use mirror with great care to avoid any ill effects of Vastu.

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